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Estate Preservation

What will happen to your family legacy when you're gone? Ensuring that your children and designated beneficiaries inherit the wealth you've created is important. But without proper planning and professional guidance, much of your hard-earned family legacy may end up in the hands of the IRS rather than your beneficiaries. Taking the necessary steps today can help alleviate the burden to your family down the road. The first step involves looking at the entire picture in terms of the following three objectives:

Control: The greatest challenge for most people is deciding how they want their estate to pass at their death. But if you don't decide who gets what, the state will! A properly written estate plan insures your wishes are carried out.

Conservation: If not structured properly, a sizable portion of your estate may be lost to taxes and settlement costs. Utilizing the appropriate strategies today can help keep your estate intact at your death.

Cash: If money is not readily available for your heirs to pay final expenses and settlement costs, they may be forced to sell your assets at undesirable prices and these transactions can also result in unfavorable tax treatment for your heirs.

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